With longstanding and temporary exhibits, the Museum and Art Gallery boasts paintings and artefacts that are of both local and international significance. Visit our exquisite collection of Joseph Wright paintings. March through our Soldier’s Story exhibition to see the range of weaponry and objects, both military and personal. Grab your paddle and take to the boat for a trip through our artefacts from thousands of years of history. You’re always guaranteed to find something exciting at the Museum and Art Gallery. To take a 360° tour of our galleries please click here.

We regularly update our collections, so there will always be something new – no two visits will ever be the same! Once you’ve satisfied your inner explorer, relax and unwind in The Coffee House with locally sourced cake and coffee, surrounded by a collection of historical porcelain. There is also a gorgeous shop of unique souvenirs and art materials to browse at your own leisure. Start planning your visit now!