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The Civic Hall

The Civic Hall is a beautiful triple-height space which introduces you to the Collections of Making right from the moment you arrive.
Collection Highlights
About the collection

The Civic Hall welcomes you to the Museum of Making, introducing you to the collection right from the moment you arrive. Bobbins, barometers and bricks are just some of the objects you will discover!

What can I see?

As you enter the Museum you can see a range of objects from our extensive making collections. This display is grouped by the materials they are made from: wood, metal, ceramic, organic, glass, stone, textile, and synthetic.

What can I do?

Here you can orientate yourself with the rest of the Museum, see the scale of the waterwheel that originally powered the site and see a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine!

What can I learn?

Explore a selection of objects from the collections of Making and learn about the waterwheel which originally powered the site.