Museum & Art Gallery Virtual Reality Tour

Thanks to our friends at V21 ARTSPACE, you can now experience the Museum & Art Gallery in virtual reality! Explore the Joseph Wright Gallery, take time to learn about natural history in notice nature feel joy and wander around the Soldier’s Story Gallery. The exhibition galleries on the top floor are always changing, you can take […]

Pickford’s House Virtual Reality Tour

Thanks to our friends at V21 ARTSPACE, you can now experience Pickford’s House in virtual reality! Take a peek in the rooms and learn about the professional showcase and family home of Georgian architect Joseph Pickford.

Objects of Love, Hope and Fear: A World Collection

Welcome to Objects of Love, Hope and Fear: A World Collection, a friendly new gallery full to bursting with ordinary and extraordinary objects from around the world. The exhibition is built on a foundation of shared experiences that are common to people across the world and these values, emotions and actions have shaped and informed […]

Model Railway

Currently closed as part of The Silk Mill redevelopment project, due to be completed in 2020. Our iconic model railway represents the Derbyshire landscape during the heyday of the Midland Railway. Containing meticulously researched and constructed models of buildings and infrastructure from the actual Midland Railway network, the model railway is a testament to the […]

Cellars/air raid shelter

An impression of life below stairs can be gained by peering into the cellars on the lower ground floor. These would be used to store and hang game, wines and ales and a dry cellar would be used specifically to store flour and grain. The largest of the three cellars was used as an air […]

The scullery

In the back kitchen or scullery, activities like washing up, washing food or laundering took place. Water for washing up and laundry was heated in kettles over the fire or in the copper situated in the corner of the room with a fire underneath.

The Dining Room

This is the most imposing of the three reception rooms and is displayed as a dining room of about 1800. This is where Joseph Pickford would have entertained guests and important clients in the hope of attracting new business. The ceiling is much higher than that of the other rooms to give a sense of […]

The Drawing Room

This room would have been used by the family for entertaining visitors. Before dinner – the main meal of the day – the diners gathered in the drawing room before entering the dining room at about 5pm. At the end of dinner the ladies left the table and (with)drew to the drawing room to wait […]

Ceramics Gallery

Surrounding the tables within The Coffee House is a truly remarkable collection of historic porcelain and ceramic ware from Derbyshire. The collection has been recently rearranged to explore stories and themes requested by our visitors. Together the cases show the development of porcelain vessels in Derbyshire from the 17th century onwards.

Top Floor Gallery

The exhibitions in this gallery changes three to four times a year. The varied programme of exhibitions include objects drawn from our collections relating to the 18th Century, domestic life in the last 200 years and creativity especially in costume and textiles. To find out what is currently on display please check out what’s on here.