Here at Derby Museums we are passionate about embedding participation in our museums. We’ve been working hard since we were founded in 2012 to find ways to embed involvement by our communities and stakeholders in the work that we do. This has been particularly demonstrated in: the ‘RE:Make Project‘ at The Silk Mill, where we protoyped how we might ‘make’ a museum of making using our ground floor space; and the ‘notice nature feel joy’ natural history exhibition currently on display at the Museum & Art Gallery.
It continues today as we co-design the full Derby Silk Mill Museum of Making in our Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England Development Phase throughout 2016-17, and the numerous programmes we have running across our sites – including the summer 2016 EVERYONE exhibition where everyone who submitted an artwork has had their piece included.

We’ve learned hugely from the practices of others and shared our approaches widely too – including the Human Centred Design Handbook we have developed for our teams, which can be downloaded here.

In April 2016, we hosted a wonderful 2-day symposium entitled ‘THINK, FEEL, DO’ (because that for us is the essence of what we hope people can do with us in our museums) where we were joined by museum staff and volunteers from across the country to share ideas, exchange approaches and try some new things out together!

Here is a short film about THINK, FEEL, DO.

Think Feel Do from Owen Davies on Vimeo.

Here are also some of the pictures produced by our Silk Mill artist-in-residence Sally Jane Thompson ©sallyjanethompson

We hope you enjoy them!