Brick History, a fantastic exhibition from LEGO® creator Warren Elsmore and his team, opens at Derby Museum and Art Gallery this Friday 24th May, just in time for the school holidays.

Brick History: A World of LEGO® Awaits is a journey through the history of the world, re-imagined in LEGO® bricks by Warren Elsmore and his team of artists. Forget dry lists of kings or endless battles – this is history brought to life at a relatable, human level, featuring famous figures from Mozart to Martin Luther King, scientific discoveries from the Big Bang to DNA, and recent history from mobile phones to the moon landings.

“We can’t wait to see our visitors’ faces light up”, said Janine Derbyshire, Head of Visitor Experience at Derby Museums. “Whatever your age, this is going to be one to get the creative juices flowing – imagination and fun around every corner with plenty of opportunity to learn about history and build something yourself – it’s going to be a blast!”

The exhibition celebrates our shared stories, struggles and triumphs, in models made from everyone’s favourite Danish toy. Visitors will be able to see tiny recreations of Concorde and the Titanic, explore our creative past from cave paintings to 1960s Pop Art, and journey through historical scenes of conflict with LEGO® models of the Viking invasions and the struggles of slaves and suffragettes.

The LEGO® models are all designed and made by a team of artists led by Warren Elsmore who gave up a career in IT seven years ago to become a full-time artist specialising in LEGO® builds.

“LEGO® bricks are unique in their appeal, having been a top-selling toy now for over fifty years.” comments Warren on his website. “Using LEGO® as an artistic medium is instantly attractive to a wide range of audiences, both young and old, inspiring creativity while engaging visitors with history in its widest sense.”

With the school holidays just around the corner, it is anticipated that Brick History will attract over 20,000 visitors during its three-month run at Derby Museum and Art Gallery on The Strand. The exhibition opens on Friday 24th May and run until Sunday 8th September with timed tickets in operation during busy periods. Entry is free of charge with an invitation to visitors to Give What You Think.