An exploration of big and small at the brand new Museum of Making

Scale affects us every day, yet often goes unnoticed. Used in production and prototyping, in mapping and to convey perspective, scale is critical to the making process and a powerful tool in communicating ideas.

This first exhibition to open in the new Museum of Making explores scale as a theme on the site widely regarded as the world’s first modern factory where, in 1721, Derby Silk Mill was processing raw silk on a scale never before seen, using the River Derwent to power machines worked by hundreds of people.

Surprising and perception-shifting, the exhibition explores the scale and impact of this site’s legacy, presenting the work of artists alongside intriguing objects from Derby Museums’ collection.

Suitable for all.

Image: The Stream (Royal Victoria Dock, London, 2014) by Slinkachu. (Image featured in the exhibition)

See Scale for FREE!

Entry to Scale is FREE on the first Sunday of the month, on a first come first served basis – for any other days, please book at the link below.

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