Smaller Outing the Past Festival

OUTing the Past Festival

OUTing the Past: The International Festival of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans History is an international celebration that comprises events throughout the year and around the world, and a conference and gathering for academics and activists once a year in February.

Throughout the year we celebrate our past, preserve our present and look towards our future. OUTing the Past has featured speakers from all over the world, showcasing the depth and breadth of our community. The cumulation of our work occurs in February – the UK’s LGBT History Month – and, during this time, hubs host events across the country which are all free to attend. Our festival conference and gathering takes place in March and represents a chance for LGBT+ academics to showcase their research and collaborate with others.

Join us to explore LGBT+ history and activism as Derby becomes a hub within this national festival. With presentations and opportunities for discussion and creativity, this event will both draw on, and celebrate, the research and creative practice of our partners.

Presentations include:

‘Kings, Princesses, Ducks and Penguins’ by John Yates-Harold
Focusing on LGBTQ+ history and the introduction of Section 28, media portrayal of LGBT+ communities and the original ‘No Outsiders’ project. Documenting John’s work in education and work settings up to the modern day.


‘LGBTQ+ STEM Activism and Advocacy’ by Sarah Cosgriff
When we share stories from LGBTQ+ STEM history, we often focus on individuals such as Alan Turing and Sally Ride. Whilst it is important to highlight stories of individuals, we also need to remember to highlight activism and advocacy that led to change. Sarah will be sharing with you the history of different LGBTQ+ STEM organisations that existed between the 1980s-2010s and why it is important to have these organisations today.

‘Theatre in Miniature’ by Laura Phillips and Dan Webber A look at the personal and professional life of Joseph Hope Williams, theatre designer, toy theatre maker and potentially one of the last makers of tinsel pictures in the Victorian style, including a new interview produced by Derby Museums.

Presented as part of LGBT+ History Month

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