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Gorgeous Georgians? Love, Lust and Married Life in Georgian England and Wales – A Talk with Dr Ruth Larsen

Museum of Making7 October 2023

Discover what was it really like to love in the Georgian period

This talk explores what it was like to fall in love in the eighteenth century. It explores courting practices, the nature of marriage proposals, and evidence of marital affection. However, these feelings were not always reciprocated, and so it will look at those who were unsuccessful in love, and those who married reluctantly. It will also highlight relationships that fell outside of the socially prescribed ideals, including clandestine marriages, same-sex relations, and pre-marital sexual relations, and consider why the age of the Georgians has been described as enjoying the first sexual revolution.

Back for its second year, the Georgian Derbyshire Festival 2023 will take place between Saturday 16th September and Sunday 8th October. Starting in Buxton and then moving across to Cromford Mills, Belper and Derby, guests have the opportunity to experience tours, talks and workshops on this years themes of ‘people’ and ‘landscapes’ in some of Derbyshire’s most iconic venues.

Suitable for adults

Booking essential

Image © Oliver Taylor

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