Ambergate Wire Work Image (c) Crich Heritage Partnership. C.1940

First Fridays: Ambergate Wireworks – The Part They Played

Museum of Making

Artists Heidi Luker and Lise Bennett have been collaborating on a site-specific R & D project, Ambergate Wireworks – The Part They Played, funded by the National Lottery and Arts Council England and co-production with Derby’s Museum of Making. Using wire sculpting, the project explores their visual responses, to how the Ambergate Wireworks (Johnson & Nephew Ltd), changed the course of communication technology, engineering, warfare & farming throughout the world, through an immersive installation and soundscape of interviews recorded with ex-wire workers.

They will be introducing their immersive installation and talking about the creative journey and what part it’s played in the local Ambergate community. People will also be able to create fun and simple wire sculptures.

Booking Essential. Limited places.

FREE – Give What You Think.

Image © Crich Heritage Partnership C.1940


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